Terms & Conditions

We grant you access to ASPIRE on the following basis:

1. Your access may be ended at any time;
2. You must act in a manner consistent with maintaining trust and respect among users;
3. You must comply with any conditions that apply to information or data provided to you;
4. You are responsible for your own use of ASPIRE, including any use of content or data accessed from it or any transaction arising from your use of ASPIRE;
5. Any material you submit will be made available to other users. You must not upload anything illegal, inappropriate, offensive or disruptive to other users;
6. Personal information will be used for the purposes provided (including provision to other users and relevant councils) and treated in a manner consistent with Australian privacy laws;
7. We may use de-identified data for research purposes;
8. You must not use the CSIRO name or logo to claim any association with CSIRO without prior written approval from us.

Please refer to the complete set of Terms and Conditions of Use, which are legally binding.

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