Case Studies

Family business improves collaboration opportunities with ASPIRE

PF Metals are a scrap metal recycling company based in Melbourne. This case study shows how PF Metals have used ASPIRE to boost their collaboration opportunities.

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Enigmaclean reduce waste by 75%

Enigmaclean is an Australian owned and operated company that manufactures commercial and consumer cleaning and specialised products. This case study shows how Enigmaclean have used ASPIRE to reduce their waste by 75%.

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Closing the loop on polymers

Corex Plastics (Australia) Pty Ltd have developed their own closed loop programme to provide a socially responsible, 'cradle to cradle' waste solution for reclaiming and recycling their own solid sheet thermoplastic products.

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E-waste finds a new home

E-waste or electronic waste is a fast growing waste stream. A Tech Recyclers are a local Melbourne business that re-purpose and recycle Melbourne's e-waste.

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Sustainable product from waste

Aximill technology used to process USG Boral waste plasterboard and McDonalds used coffee grounds to develop kitty litter.

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